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Jadine Tyne

Indie author and journalist. She has published several books in English and Spanish such as:

  • Next to You
  • Zathori’s Spell
  • ESCRIBE RÁPIDO. Escribe tu libro en nueve semanas y media
  • ESCRIBE TRANSMEDIA. Convierte tu Idea en una Novela, un Guion de Cine y un Videojuego


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Tessa Romero

About Escribe Rápido
“The author does not go around and fill out pages to try to impress anyone as in so many other books I have read on this subject. It goes straight to the point. The book is based on her training and experience, offering everything that works with the necessary tools. I find the calendar you propose to write a fiction or non-fiction book very interesting, useful and practical. It helps you in planning it and how to make good time management. All this in a very didactic and agile way. I want to thank the author for her generosity in sharing her great experience and knowledge with all those who are already writers or who wish to be. It will definitely be my workbook for my next book.”


About Escribe Transmedia
I liked it very much, it opened up new perspectives. I am currently applying your tips and creating an infoproduct from my own book.
Opiniones obras

Amazon Client

About A pocos centímetros
Entertaining. Intriguing. Even if I have a hard time recognizing it, realistic. The scripts describe images that replace thousands of words. Very clever way to raise every story.”

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