Jadine Tyne

Jadine Tyne studied journalism because it was the closest degree to what she really wanted to become: an author.

Since she was a child she wrote short stories, plays, poetry,….

In her adolescence she took advantage of her English essays to write fiction. They were the perfect excuse to develop a story. No matter what they asked for, she always turned around her homework to continue her story. Her teachers were entertained reading and correcting those essays in which, step by step, they folllowed the adventures of the main characters.

While she was studying journalism, she took a screenwriting course, which she enjoyed 100%. Her classmates gave her good and constructive criticism and were interested in her stories. Then she realised that literary screenplays were her thing.


Jadine Tyne, screenwriter

Zathori’s Spell

A 30-year-old woman, married, pregnant, and happy with her ordinary life, realises she has magical powers. Read the pilot episode + its minibible (what the series is about) to know more about the plot, the characters, the magic world,…

Escribe Transmedia

(Write Transmedia)
Turn an idea into a novel, a screenplay and a videogame. A guide which will help you step by step and with examples in all the creative process. No experience is required.

A pocos centímetros

Next to You
This is the original version of Next to You. This work gathers three screenplays of short films. Three marriages, three ways of undertanding couple fidelity.